Travel: From Lyon to Paris, two weeks in France.

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From Lyon to Paris

On June 25th, a couple of weeks ago, my wife, Jill, and I left for France for a two week vacation. Since we live in Newfoundland, we were only able to get a direct flight, relatively inexpensive, to Gatwick Airport near London, UK. After landing at Gatwick, we took a bus over to Heathrow Airport to catch a British Airways flight to Lyon, France.

We spent four days in the lovely ancient French city. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, the people were warm, and the food was fantastic (even though we didn't really research the food scene extensively before our trip to Lyon, because that wasn't our original plan).

After our four days in Lyon, we rented a car and drove it all the way to Amiens. A small city, roughly 300,000 inhabitants (including surroundings) simply because we wanted to visit the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial Site that was nearby the city. We visited the site on July 1st (during Canada's 150th Birthday - which made it that more special). We had the chance to drive around the Somme for a day, went all the way to Arras (specifically, to have mussels and fries, but because the restaurant was closed for renovations and that there was a Radiohead concert nearby, we couldn't find any parking, so we left for Amiens).

Then, it was down to Paris. It's only a 90min drive from Amiens, but of course, it's Paris, a city of nearly 13 million people, and roundabouts, and lots of motorcycles, and lots of aggressive drivers... it made for a very stressful drive-in! After a few minutes of panic, because we couldn't find the rental-car drop off, we finally parked the car, and started our full week in Paris. Oh, Paris. It's such a lovely city. For me, it was my fourth time in the city. For Jill, it was her first time. However, I had never stayed any longer than three days. It was a pleasure to visit the city for a week.

We had the chance to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and many fantastic restaurants, and we even caught a couple of jazz shows in Le Marais! It was very warm, it was very busy (naturally in the middle of the summer), and it was hectic. However, it was truly an amazing experience.




Paris / Versailles